Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from our guests at The Barking Spot.

What are your hours?

Sunday: 9am-5pm

Monday-Friday: 6am-6pm

Saturday: Closed

Is Doggie DayCare available on Weekends?

Monday thru Friday only.

What do I need to bring when I'm boarding my dog?

We have everything your dog needs for his or her stay. If there is something you would like to bring to make your dog's stay more comfortable, you are welcome to bring it. If your dog has a special diet or is a finicky eater, please bring their food portioned according to their routine.

What vaccinations does my dog need before their stay?

All dogs must be current on bordetella, rabies, and distemper vaccinations.

When can I drop off and pick up my dog for daycare?

You may drop-off and pick up your dog anytime during business hours.

What are drop off and pick up times for boarding?

Drop off after 2:00 PM

Pick up by 12:00 PM

You may request an exception to drop off or pickup times.

There may be a fee for exceptions.

If your dog goes to daycare while boarding and you are dropping off and/or picking up on a weekday, the drop off/pickup time restrictions do not apply.

If you pick up a day or more before your reservation end date, you may be charged for the entire reservation duration depending on our vacancy status.

Why is there a early check in and late check out fee?

We charge per night. An early check-in requires us to hold that spot the previous night so it is available in the morning. A late check out means we cannot book that spot with another dog.

Are deposits required?

Deposits are NOT REQUIRED but we strongly suggested you use a deposit during our peak boarding time. Holidays, Fall break, Spring break, and during the Summer months are peak times. Deposits are absolutely non-refundable. If a deposit is not received two weeks prior to the start date of your pups reservations, The Barking Spot, LLC reserves the right to book that spot with another client. However, we will always extend the courtesy of checking with you via email or text before cancelling your reservation.

Is the deposit refundable?

No, the deposit is not refundable. A deposit is not required, however during peak times The Barking Spot reserves the right to cancel a reservation and book the spot with another client if a deposit is not received two weeks prior to the start date. We encourage you not to pay the deposit until your plans are completely set. The Barking Spot will always show the courtesy of reaching out to owners who have not paid their deposit before cancellation.

What is Kennel Cough?

Click Here to see more details about Kennel Cough for your dog(s).

What to expect after boarding?

Learn more about common behaviors after you board your pup(s) here.

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