5 Common Behaviors After Boarding Your Dog

After your dog has been boarded, there are a few behaviors that are very common. Here are some behaviors that are very normal and what to look out for after your pup has been boarded.

Sleep Adjustments

After your pup has been in a new environment, with new activites and new friends (aka other dogs) around, they may be more tired than normal. When you have your pup back home after they have been boarded they may sleep more than normal. Think of it as a vacation from their vacation from home! They need a bit of time to recover with extra rest.

Eating & Drinking

Once you return home with your doggie, you may see that they eat/drink more or less depending on a few different factors. We take great care to make sure your pup has plenty of food and water while with us. But when they get home they may eat or drink more because they are 1. More comfortable 2. More excited 3. More or less stressed from the car ride. Regardless, slight changes in eating and drinking when your doggie returns home after being boarded is normal.

Personality Changes

When you return home with your dog may ignore you or become extra clingy when you get home. Both are normal. Sometimes pups are extra clingy after returning with you and sometimes they may give you the "silent" treatment. Both behaviors are common after picking up your pup from being boarded.

Changes in Stool or Vomiting

Sometimes after being in a new environment and returning home, your doggie may have some trouble pooping or may experience loose stool for a few days as they are readjusting back home. Both are normal for pups who have recently been boarded. If you notice blood in your dogs stool, that is not considered normal and you would want to contact your veterinarian.

We love having your pups here for boarding and wanted to share these very common behaviors that you and your dog(s) may experience upon returning home. As always, if any of your dogs behahviors seems very out of the ordinary or doesn't align with any of the above normal behaviors, please contact your veterinarian.

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